Myth is something that made of origins of times and is a model for behavior. For the bearer of myth – this is sacred knowledge, but for modern man it is nothing more than a fairy tale. But, what happens when a fairy tale suddenly becomes our reality? When the Apocalypse blows from news programs, and people who speak the same language stop understanding each other, continuing the Babylonian story? Around global misunderstanding, and the trends leading to destruction. Then people gather and rally together to leave the myths of the past and understand, feel how to apply their knowledge to modern problems. On the territory of the former Soviet military plant is the multidisciplinary arts festival GogolFest.
The festival is held annually since 2007. The heroes of our film live predestination of the apocalypse in a playful form on the stage grounds of the art territory. They live the myth of the apocalypse on their own example. The building of the organization and the festival is akin to the construction of the Tower of Babylon. But they build it not skywards, but in a horizontal, relying on the horizontal building of the organization of the festival. They help each other in every way, not even understanding each other. In this territory there is no place for selfishness, which was the main problem of the destruction of the tower in the myth. Artists are called to make the world better, because culture shapes society. They change the thinking about Babylon and the Apocalypse from negative to positive, when the Tower does not collapse, but on the contrary – the Dream appears to build it. We begin to move towards the cherished goal with the laying of the foundation. We get acquainted with the ideological inspirers and executors of this grandiose construction.
The main ideologist of construction is Vlad Troitsky, the president of the festival, the world-famous theater director. One of the key moments of his leadership is the process itself, not the result. That is what he shapes around his project. What people say about this, what intellectual and other meanings it fills up. In other words, it creates an independent territory of creativity, where each participant and each person is a universal soldier with simultaneously different functions, capable of entering into an adequate and productive dialogue with today’s time and his demands.
Vlad Troitsky is a man of a different level of consciousness, he reveals to people that the world is magical and unlimited. Each participant of his project has a palette and a volume of the world. Also, the characters of the film are a group of theater directors from European countries and actors of the Troitsky Theater who are also the main organizers on the festival site.
For example, it’s the technical director – Eugene Bal, who manages the warehouse with all sorts of props and tools for creating the festival.
Maxim Demsky – festival director and Andrei Palatny, curator of the theater program. All the lines of the characters are interesting to intersect, carrying their mood and meaning for each scene of the film. Our feature is that we do not have constancy, we live in an all-time crisis. GogolFest was born in a constant crisis – there is always something that is not enough, especially professional cadres. But nevertheless the festival is going on and is gaining in scale.
More and more foreigners come to Ukraine, because they are interested in this type of thinking. As Vlad Troitsky says, Ukraine can become that very platform – an offshore for passionaries, where a year-round creative laboratory could have a significant impact on world art in general, and become its center. The problem of modern authors is that they can not formulate the idea of ​​what their picture or movie or performance is, they do not know where to go with it. The festival sets people up for what needs to be developed, taken and done. Do not wait for someone to come to you – this will not happen – every person makes his own story.